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Wedding restaurant  Duong Gia palace wedding professionals, with modern facilities, beautiful space and professional working attitude will help perfect wedding reception.

One of the first things you should think after you decide to plan your wedding party is choosing a perfect wedding restaurant meets the criteria that you provide. Once you have chosen a suitable location, the details of the wedding like the color choice, style, decoration ... must be based on that location. So, Duong Gia palace wedding reception please give wedding reception program for customer references as follows:

1. Picking

Soft music pick

Pickup Symphony Board
2. Opening

MC claims opening ceremony

Dance troupe performing Asian

MC invited guests welcome CD & CR

MC invite representatives of two families on the same stage and two family representatives said

The ritual offering of wine

Rite of Communion wine

Cake cutting ceremony

Filling ritual wine

Rite alcohol topical delivery

Communion Rite items

01 female singers sang 3 songs

01 singers sing 2 posts and 1 female duet

01 male singers singing 2 Posts

Symphony Board